The second of the Chi­ne­se Four Arts is cal­led »Qi«. Often this is trans­la­ted as »Chess«, but the term descri­bes all logi­cal thin­king games. Some see it as refer­ring to »Xiangqi«, Chi­ne­se Chess, but that game’s tra­di­ti­on was among the working clas­ses and not a sui­ta­ble art for a gen­tle­man. It is more com­mon­ly reco­gnis­ed that the game refer­red to is the clas­sic game Wei­qi (pro­noun­ced »way-chee«). Wei­qi means the sur­roun­ding game. In the west Wei­qi is known as Go.

Tony Atkins wirft die Klas­sen­fra­ge auf.