Accord­ing to Est­rin and Glazkov, this slight­ly eccentric move was ori­gi­nal­ly the idea of the Hun­ga­ri­an play­er Brey­er, who is perhaps bet­ter known for his solid defence in the Clo­sed Ruy Lopez, and for his slight­ly con­tro­ver­si­al apho­rism „after 1.e4, White’s game is in its last throes!“. I would think his say­ing is more accu­ra­te when app­lied to 3.Qf3.

John Emms („Play the Open Games as Black“) ist von Brey­ers Ein­fall im Königs­gam­bit nicht beson­ders über­zeugt. Ich mag den bri­ti­schen Humor.