For prin­ted books, the ear­liest examp­le I can find on my shel­ves (only a copy unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly) is the magis­teri­al De Ludis Ori­en­ta­li­bus (Oxford, 1694) by Tho­mas Hyde (1636–1703) which inclu­des the ear­liest detail­ed descrip­ti­ons in Euro­pe of both Shahi­lu­dio Chi­nen­si­um (xiang­qi or Chi­ne­se Chess) and Cir­cum­ve­ni­en­di Ludo Chi­nen­si­um (wei­qi or Go, but writ­ten as hoy ki by Hyde). I am sure my rea­ders can go a lot fur­ther back than this though.

Babel­Stone über die die ers­ten Abbil­dun­gen chi­ne­si­scher Schrift­zei­chen in Europa.