Modern chess, as noted abo­ve, is also more com­plex than Shat­ranj, but that would scar­ce­ly account for the almost com­ple­te obli­te­ra­ti­on of Shat­ranj in favour of the new matrix. It is argu­able that wei chi (also known as go is a more dif­fi­cult and richer game than drau­ghts, or that Sho­gi and Xiang­qi, respec­tively the Japa­ne­se and Chi­ne­se forms of chess, have advan­ta­ges over the wes­tern game of chess. That does not, howe­ver, pre­vent all ver­si­ons from co-exis­ting in ami­ca­ble fashion.

Ray Kee­ne wun­dert sich über das plötz­li­che Ver­schwin­den des Per­si­schen Schachs.