Every day, groups of men begin to gather around 10 a.m. to watch, play and some­ti­mes bet on games. As the sun moves over­head, the men lift the tables to the shade of the mul­ber­ry trees. When too many pigeons con­gre­ga­te on the bran­ches, the men ner­vous­ly move the tables back into the open. At sun­down, the play­ers reluc­tant­ly go home. During the black­out last sum­mer, they stay­ed through the night and play­ed by candlelight.

The New York Times über Xiang­qi im Colum­bus Park. Tau­ben und Son­nen­fins­ter­nis­se schei­nen die größ­ten Ärgernisse beim chi­ne­si­schen Frei­luft-Schach zu sein.