#1 If Black Francis, Lou Reed, Dave Gilmour and Brian Ferry were all sitting around playing the kid’s game telephone the final phrase would be »chess club«.

#2 This companion film to Satisfaction is set as the opposite solstice and recapitulates part of Dirt. With Julie Garfield and Barbara Rubin (as Nuns), Chas Stanley (as Death) and Margaret Boyce Cam (as the Nurse), Lou Reed, John Cale, Angus MacLise and others. A chess game under the bridge becomes a Christmas party in Hell. A must for lepidopterists.

#3 Your creepy geriatic great-uncle and your 30-42 year old step-cousin used to just play chess in the basement together, but lately the success of twitter feeds like @Shitmydadsays and that other one where the guy’s dad googles pictures of Jessica Lange in a bathing suit has inspired cousin James to invite Uncle Lou down to the basement for collaboration.