Shorts unsterbliche Partie

Kurz vor Weihnachten schickte Detlef mir diese Stellung. Kann Weiß gewinnen und wenn ja, wie? 4rrk1/1bpR1p2/1pq1pQp1/p3P2p/P1PR3P/5N2/2P2PP1/6K1 w – h6 0 31 Und auf meine Frage, ob das nicht die berühmte Short-Partie gegen Timman sei: deprimierend – ich war bis vor kurzem anscheinend der Einzige, der die Partie nicht kannte…  Bekannt oder nicht, schön ist sie allemal. Tim… Shorts unsterbliche Partie weiterlesen


It is not to be wondered at that the king is not wise! Suppose the case of the most easily growing thing in the world; if you let it have one day’s genial heat, and then expose it for ten days to cold, it will not be able to grow. It is but seldom that I have an audience of the king, and when I retire, there come all those who act upon him like the cold. Though I succeed in bringing out some buds of goodness, of what avail is it? Now chess-playing is but a small art, but without his whole mind being given, and his will bent, to it, a man cannot succeed at it. Chess Qiu is the best chess-player in all the kingdom. Suppose that he is teaching two men to play. The one gives to the subject his whole mind and bends to it all his will, doing nothing but listening to Chess Qiu. The other, although he seems to be listening to him, has his whole mind running on a swan which he thinks is approaching, and wishes to bend his bow, adjust the string to the arrow, and shoot it. Although he is learning along with the other, he does not come up to him. Why? Because his intelligence is not equal? Not so.

Mengzi (370 v. Chr. – 290 v. Chr.) ist mit dem König nicht zufrieden (via Chinese Text Project).

Black King

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