Aus der schwe­di­schen 1. Liga erreich­te mich fol­gen­der Schnapp­schuss aus der Vor­schluss­run­de zwi­schen Sollentu­na SK und Lunds ASK. Dan­ke an Axel für die Ein­sen­dung und den Kommentar.

Agrest, Evge­nij 2692
Smith, Axel 2426
Elit­se­ri­en 2008–09 Sve­ri­ge (10.2)
Stock­holm, 14.03.2009
Kom­men­tar: Axel Smith


As always against Agrest I have seen mys­elf end up in a bad posi­ti­on after the ope­ning. White domi­na­tes the open file, black’s rook can’t move and my seventh rank is weak. White’s play is pro­bab­ly to walk with the king to b2 and then open up the king side in one way or another.
Gains space.
27.Td2 Kh7 28.Kf2 Lf5!
The exchan­ge will lead to pres­su­re on the g‑file and suf­fi­ci­ent counterplay.
29.e4 Le6 30.Ke2 g5!
Against Agrest you have to achie­ve the pawn levers as soon as pos­si­ble, other­wi­se you will find yourself in a posi­tio­nal lost posi­ti­on without coun­ter­play. Here I open up in front of my king but it’s important that I do this befo­re white’s king is away.
31.Kd1 gxh4 32.gxh4 Tg8 33.Kc1 Tg3 34.Kb2 Txf3 35.Td8
I have won a pawn but now I must defend in order to stop Tb8xb7.
35…Tg3 36.Tb8 Tg7 37.Dxa5 Dd6
37…Tg8= A rook exchan­ge should have been good, then I always have per­pe­tu­al when white starts advan­cing his majority.


This is com­ple­te­ly stu­pid and lea­ding to a stra­te­gic loss. Here I must under­stand that a queen exchan­ge is the last thing I want. The­re was many ways to avoid this and play for per­pe­tu­al. 38…Ld7 39.Txb7 Dd4+ Draw.; 38…Dc5 39.Dxf6 Dd4+ Draw.; 38…Td7 39.Df8 Dd4+ Draw.
White wins with Td6, a5, Kc3, b4 etc. Black will ever achie­ve …f5 and the­re­fo­re he can just wait until the white majo­ri­ty decides.

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