In the qua­ke zone, makes­hift cities of sur­vi­vors sprang up. At a high school in Sendai’s Nato­ri City, now a makes­hift emer­gen­cy evacua­ti­on cen­ter, 110 peop­le inclu­ding 30 child­ren bed­ded down for the night on the floor of the school gym­na­si­um, slee­ping on wrest­ling mats and blan­kets. Child­ren sat quiet­ly or pas­sed their time with the stuf­fed toys, sketch­books and wood sho­gi set, or Japa­ne­se chess.

The Bel­ling­ham Herald über die Situa­ti­on in Nato­ri. Die Stadt liegt unweit von Fuku­shi­ma. Nato­ri wur­de durch das Erd­be­ben und den Tsu­na­mi fast voll­stän­dig zerstört.