In einem Turm wohnen

I Like Trains: A Rook House for Bobby they’ve made mountains out of molehills let them climb they can chase me to the end of the earth and if they find me, let them indite me i just don’t care anymore they’ve pushed me too far, too far they’ve pushed me too far, too far all this talk of war… In einem Turm wohnen weiterlesen


Because even when I was playing other games I thought they were too simple. There was just something that didn’t turn me on about other games like Chinese Chess, where they play with marbles and things.

Bobby Fischer in einem Interview 1972 über den Beginn seiner Beschäftigung mit Schach (New in Chess 2/2011). Er meint wahrscheinlich Go, obwohl ich nicht verstehe, wie man Go einfach finden kann.